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Liturgy of the Word
Five Psalms for the Communion Procession — Luckner, Brian Responsorial Psalm Communion Antiphon
Psalm 34 - Taste and see the goodness of the Lord — Cerisier, Marc Responsorial Psalm Communion Antiphon
Ubi caritas — Biery, James Offertory Antiphon Latin
I Will Sing Forever of Your Mercies, O Lord — Gouin, Normand Communion Antiphon
Adoro te devote — Clark, Richard J. Liturgy of the Hours Latin
Ave verum corpus — Clark, Richard J. Liturgy of the Hours Latin
O sacrum convivium — Clark, Richard J. Liturgy of the Hours Latin
Pange lingua — Clark, Richard J. Liturgy of the Hours Latin
Anima Christi — Fielding, Thomas Latin
Anima Christi — Powell, Robert J.
Anima Christi — Warren, K. Scott Latin
Author of Life Divine — Aston, Peter
Ave Verum — Peeters, Flor Latin
Ave verum corpus — Byrd, William Latin
Ave verum corpus — Elgar, Edward Latin
Ave verum corpus — Fauré, Gabriel Latin
Ave verum corpus — Guilmant, Alexandre Latin
Ave verum corpus — Jackson, Francis Latin
Ave verum corpus — Lassus [Lasso], Orlando di Latin
Ave verum corpus — Mallory, Clark Latin
Ave verum corpus — Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Latin
Ave verum corpus — Near, Gerald Latin
Ave verum corpus — Raminsh, Imant Latin
Ave verum corpus — Saint-Saëns, Camille Latin
Ave verum corpus — Villette, Pierre Latin
Ave Verum Corpus — French, Jessica Latin
Ave Verum Corpus — Josquin des Prez, [Josquin] Latin
Ave Verum Corpus — Mathias, William Latin
Ave Verum Corpus — Mawby, Colin Latin
Ave Verum Corpus — Near, Gerald Latin
Ave Verum Corpus — White, Nicholas Latin
Ave Verum Corpus — Wills, Arthur Latin
Caro mea — Gabrieli, Andrea Latin
Come, Risen Lord — Sowerby, Leo
Domine, non sum dignus — Victoria, Tomás Luis de Latin
Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord — Thiman, Eric H.
Ego sum panis vivus — Byrd, William Latin
Ego sum panis vivus — Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da Latin
Eucharist — Petrich, Roger
Father We Thank Thee (Rendez à Dieu) — Goudimel, Claude
Gift of Finest Wheat — Kreutz, Robert E.
Gustate et videte — Isaac, Heinrich Latin
I Am the Good Shepherd — Nestor, Leo
In Memory of You — Peloquin, Alexander
Jesu Dulcis Memoria — Kidd, Richard Latin
Jesus, I Adore Thee (Adoro te Devote) — Caracciolo, Stephen
Jesus, Sun of Life, My Splendor — Handel, George Frideric
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence — Bairstow, Edward Cuthbert
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence — Gramann, Fred
Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence — Holst, Gustav
Love Bade Me Welcome — Hurd, David
Loving Shepherd — Chilcott, Bob
O Sacred Feast — Willan, Healey
O sacrum convivium — Byrd, William Latin
O sacrum convivium — Charpentier, Marc-Antoine Latin
O sacrum convivium — Croce, Giovanni Latin
O sacrum convivium — Jackson, Gabriel Latin
O sacrum convivium — Marenzio, Luca Latin
O sacrum convivium — Messiaen, Olivier Latin
O sacrum convivium — Near, Gerald Latin
O sacrum convivium — Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista Latin
O sacrum convivium — Tallis, Thomas Latin
O sacrum convivium — Viadana, Lodovico da Latin
O sacrum convivium — White, David Ashley Latin
O Sacrum Convivium — Croce, Giovanni Latin
O Sacrum Convivium — Helvey, Howard Latin
O Sacrum Convivium — Parker, Robert W. Latin
O Sacrum Convivium — Petrich, Roger Latin
O Sacrum Convivium — Sévérac, Déodat de Latin
O Salutaris — Villette, Pierre Latin
O Salutaris Hostia — Esenvalds, Eriks Latin
O Salutaris Hostia — Proulx, Richard Latin
O Savior, Blessed Savior / Adoro Te Devote — Biery, James Latin
O Sweet and Sacred Feast — McCabe, Michael
O Taste and See — Forster, Stuart
O Taste and See — Hastings, Thomas
O Taste and See — Vaughan Williams, Ralph
Panis angelicus — Villette, Pierre Latin
Panis Angelicus — Franck, César Latin
Qui manducat carnem meam — Isaac, Heinrich Latin
Soul of Christ — Massey, Lance
Tantum ergo — Duruflé, Maurice Latin
Tantum Ergo — French, Jessica Latin
Tantum Ergo — Sévérac, Déodat de Latin
Tantum Ergo — Vierne, Louis Latin
The Eyes of All — White, David Ashley
The Eyes of All Wait upon Thee — Berger, Jean
The Eyes of All Wait upon Thee, O Lord — Harris, William H.
The Hand of the Lord (Ecce Panis Angelorum) — Currie, Randolph Latin
This is my commandment — Cerisier, Marc
Though We Are Many, In Christ We Are One — Proulx, Richard
Two Hymns in Honor of the Blessed Sacrament — Conte, David Latin
Ubi Caritas - for Organ — Hueller OSF, Sr. Mary
Verbum Caro, Panem Verum — French, Paul M. Latin
Verily, Verily, I Say unto You — Tallis, Thomas
Very Bread — Currie, Randolph