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Liturgy of the Word
Psalm 72 - Que te adoren, SeƱor, todos los pueblos — Cerisier, Marc Responsorial Psalm Spanish
Communion Antiphon for the Epiphany of the Lord — Petrich, Roger Communion Antiphon
Proper Communion Antiphon for The Epiphany of the Lord At the Mass during the Day — Luckner, Brian Communion Antiphon
Proper Communion Antiphon for The Epiphany of the Lord At the Vigil Mass — Luckner, Brian Communion Antiphon
Communion Meditation for Flute and Organ - Salve Regina — Hytrek OSF, Sr. Theophane Liturgy of the Hours
A Babe is Born — Mathias, William
A Maiden Most Gentle — Carter, Andrew
Ab Oriente venerunt Magi — Handl, Jacob Latin
Adorn Yourself, O Cavern — Busarow, Donald
Almighty God, Which by the Leading of a Star — Bull, John
Arise and Shine, Jerusalem — Nestor, Leo
Arise, Shine — Stanford, Charles Villiers
Arise, Shine, for Thy Light Has Come — Jennings, Kenneth
Behold a Star from Jacob Shining — Mendelssohn, Felix
Behold, the Great Creator — Baldwin, Antony
Epiphany Alleluias — Weaver, John
Here Is the Little Door — Howells, Herbert
Hodie — Whitbourn, James
Illuminare, Jerusalem — Weir, Judith
In the Bleak Midwinter — Darke, Harold
Jesu, Bright and Morning Star — Sowerby, Leo
Magi Veniunt ab Oriente — Clemens non Papa, Jacobus Latin
Mater ora filium — Arnatt, Ronald
More Lovely Than the Rose — Kreutz, Robert E.
Now There Lightens Upon Us — Sowerby, Leo
O God, Who by the Leading of a Star — Attwood, Thomas
Seek him that maketh the seven stars — Dove, Jonathan
Surge illuminare — Byrd, William Latin
Susanni — Bennett, Richard Rodney
The Glory of the Father — Hovland, Egil
The King of Blis — Rutter, John
The Magi's Dream — Whitbourn, James
Thou Visitest the Earth — Greene, Maurice
Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day — Shephard, Richard
Tribus Miraculis — Marenzio, Luca Latin
Videntes stellam — Poulenc, Francis Latin
Wassail Carol — Mathias, William
We Three Kings — Cerisier, Marc