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Liturgy of the Word
Psalm 89 - Forever I Will Sing — Cerisier, Marc Responsorial Psalm
Psalm 89 - Proclamaré sin cesar la misericordia del Señor [Chrism Mass] — Cerisier, Marc Responsorial Psalm Spanish
Responsorial Psalm for the Chrism Mass and the Conferral of Holy Orders — Luckner, Brian Responsorial Psalm
O Redeemer — Cerisier, Marc Propers
O Redeemer — Luckner, Brian Propers
Canticle of Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer — Gouin, Normand Entrance Antiphon Spanish
Communion Antiphons for Lent (Cathedral Gradual) — Cerisier, Marc Communion Antiphon
I Will Sing Forever of Your Mercies, O Lord — Gouin, Normand Communion Antiphon
Proper Communion Antiphon for the Chrism Mass — Luckner, Brian Communion Antiphon
Proper Communion Antiphon for the Chrism Mass—Choral Setting — Luckner, Brian Communion Antiphon
Blessed Be God Forever — Proulx, Richard
Chrism Mass — Twynham, Robert
Ecce quam bonum — Hassler, Hans Leo Latin
Ecce Quam Bonum — Proulx, Richard
I Know the Lord's Laid His Hands On Me — Kent, Richard
I Rejoice in the Lord — Biery, James
Make Strong for Service — Cherubini, Luigi
My Eyes for Beauty Pine — Howells, Herbert
My Song Shall Be Alway of the Loving Kindness of the Lord — Near, Gerald
Psalm 133 — Strimple, Nick
Song of the Tree of Life — Vaughan Williams, Ralph
Strengthen for Service — Nestor, Leo
The Spirit of the Lord — Elgar, Edward
The Spirit of the Lord — Siegfried, Kevin
The Spirit of the Lord — Stopford, Philip W. J.
The Spirit of the Lord Is upon Me — Luckner, Brian
This is my commandment — Cerisier, Marc
Though We Are Many, In Christ We Are One — Proulx, Richard