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Liturgy of the Word
Psalm 91 - Be With Me Lord — Cerisier, Marc Responsorial Psalm Spanish
Communion Antiphons for Lent (Cathedral Gradual) — Cerisier, Marc Communion Antiphon
Communion Antiphons for the Lenten Season — Biery, James Communion Antiphon
Now Christ, Thou Sun of Righteousness — Clark, Richard J. Liturgy of the Hours
Almighty Lord and God of Love — Giles, Nathaniel
Be Merciful unto Me — Stanford, Charles Villiers
Benedicam Dominum — Victoria, Tomás Luis de Latin
Call to Remembrance — Farrant, Richard
Christusgebet — Sanders, Bernard W. German
Cor mundum crea in me Deus — Helvey, Howard Latin
De profundis — Josquin des Prez, [Josquin] Latin
Domine, convertere — Lassus [Lasso], Orlando di Latin
Eloi, Eloi — French, Jessica
Emendemus in melius — Byrd, William Latin
Eripe me — Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel Latin
God so loved the world — Petrich, Roger
Have Mercy on Me — Tomkins, Thomas
Hear My Prayer, O Lord — Purcell, Henry
Hide Not Thou Thy Face — Farrant, Richard
Jesus, Remember Me — Nicholas, Palmer
Judas — Modarelli, Sebastian
Keep Me Faithfully in Thy Paths — Handel, George Frideric
Lass’ o Herr, mich Hülfe finden — Mendelssohn, Felix German
Let Thy Merciful Ears, O Lord — Mudd, Thomas
Litany to the Holy Spirit — Hurford, Peter
Lord, for Thy Tender Mercy’s Sake — Farrant, Richard
Lord, for Thy Tender Mercy’s Sake — Uppercue, Kevin
Lord, How Long Wilt Thou Be Angry? — Purcell, Henry
Miserere — Allegri, Gregorio Latin
Miserere mei, Deus — Byrd, William Latin
Miserere Mei, Deus (Psalm 51) — Hurd, David
Miserere mei, Domine — Lassus [Lasso], Orlando di Latin
O Crux Spes unica — Victoria, Tomás Luis de Latin
O God Be Merciful unto Us — Tye, Christopher
O Lord, in Thy Wrath Rebuke Me Not — Gibbons, Orlando
Out of the Depths (De Profundis) — Kyr, Robert
Peccantem me quotidie — Morales, Cristóbal de Latin
Peccavi super numerum — Frescobaldi, Girolamo Latin
Remember Not, Lord, Our Offences — Purcell, Henry
Richard de Castre’s Prayer to Jesus — Terry, Richard Runciman
Schaffe in mir, Gott, ein rein Herz — Brahms, Johannes German
The High Priestly Prayer — Modarelli, Sebastian
Tribulationes — Rheinberger, Josef Gabriel Latin
Turn Thy Face from My Sins — Attwood, Thomas
Turn Thy Face from My Sins — Sullivan, Arthur
Wash Me Throughly from My Wickedness — Wesley, Samuel Sebastian
What Wondrous Love — Halley, Paul
You Are Merciful to All, O Lord — Grzadzinski, James